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About Blame The Lag

This is the website for Fallen Knights gaming community, on behalf of all the officers and leaders of the guild we would like to welcome you to our website.

We are a Guild designed on gaming experience for mature players that have real-life time commitments outside of games. We are an established guild just looking to do guild things a couple nights a week without the drama and immaturity typically found in non-structured guilds and pug runs. 

Fallen Knights was founded by 3 brothers and several friends that wanted to enjoy every aspect of the games without all the drama and the wanna be elitest's out there in the world of mmorpg's. We are a laid back guild that likes to have fun but requires you to help the guild progress (Which means help out other members if they have questions, etc... Be friendly. Enjoy the game and people).

If you are interested in joining Fallen Knights please read the guild Mission Statement informational page by clicking on the links below and apply using the online application if you think this is the place for you. Please note, we take our application process very seriously and if you are truly interested in joining our team you should too. We look forward to reading your application.

We will be using Facebook and Twitter along with the Forums to keep in touch with everyone when we aren't in game. Make sure to add us too your accounts to stay current on all events we will plan. Events can change from week to week to keep the game fresh and exciting. We look forward to seeing you in game.


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